What's in a name?

WATCHTOWER, a new American firearms company, draws its name from the brave Americans who fought under the southern cross in the Pacific, as a part of Operation WATCHTOWER. We honor their tenacity and ingenuity. Like these legends, WATCHTOWER equips the next generation of warriors to defend our way of life anywhere. While competitors take shortcuts and outsource, we proudly manufacture and innovate precision firearms solely in America. We stand tall as the trusted leader, ensuring our products are made by Americans, for Americans. WATCHTOWER commands the high ground in the industry.

Meet the Team

Jason Colosky

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Colosky is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of WATCHTOWER Firearms. Prior to founding WATCHTOWER Mr. Colosky served as a senior executive at Raytheon where he oversaw Raytheon’s strategic engagements with the Pentagon, State Department, and the White House.

Mr. Colosky received his M.A. in Political Science and his B.A. in International Studies from George Mason University. He also holds a M.S. in National Resource Strategy from the Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy at the National Defense University. He is a second-generation U.S. Marine who served as a Recon Marine throughout Southwest Asia and Southeast Africa. Mr. Colosky is a life member of the NRA. He is an avid hunter, outdoorsmen, and sports shooter.

Jackie Podgurny - Chief Operations Officer

Jackie Podgurny

Chief Operations Officer

Mrs. Jackie Podgurny is the Chief Operating Officer at WATCHTOWER Firearms, a veteran owned and privately held firearms manufacturing company in Texas. With previous experience as Co-Founder, President, and COO at F-1 Firearms, she specialized in designing lightweight, custom skeletonized rifles for the competitive shooting industry. Over her 10-year tenure, Mrs. Podgurny developed expertise in firearms manufacturing, ensuring unparalleled reliability, quality, and precision. She also established strong relationships with vendors, firearms dealers, and distributors worldwide. Holding a Business Marketing and Accounting diploma from Dawson College in Quebec, Mrs. Podgurny is a passionate advocate of the 2nd Amendment, dedicated to preserving the right to self-protection. Her commitment to these principles continues to guide her leadership at WATCHTOWER Firearms.

Hyde Robinson

Chief Financial Officer

As the Chief Financial Officer of WATCHTOWER, Hyde Robinson leads and manages all aspects of financial operations for the company, including financial and strategic planning, working capital management, risk management, capital structure, compliance, and accounting. With over 20 years of experience in finance, he has a proven track record of delivering profitable growth and developing strategies to drive financial and cash performance.

Before joining WATCHTOWER in May 2023, Mr. Robinson served in various financial leadership positions at Raytheon Intelligence & Space, where he consistently achieved financial commitments while supporting customer missions. He has demonstrated success in financial planning and analysis, reporting and analytics, and providing actionable insights that drove strong business performance. His strategic mindset, along with strong communication skills, enabled him to lead high-performing teams in complex, deadline-driven environments.

Mr. Robinson holds a BBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas, an MBA from the University of North Texas, and is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

Ray Care

Chief Communications Officer

Ray "Cash" Care, a former Navy SEAL, has recently joined WATCHTOWER as its Chief Communications Officer (CCO). Ray has a distinguished service record serving in combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also led high-and low-profile missions for the Central Intelligence Agency around the world. Following his retirement from the military, Ray channeled his passion, Special Warfare experience, and training into self-improvement and team building endeavors. Renowned for his expertise, Ray is widely sought after as a keynote speaker, delivering electrifying talks across the United States on topics such as leadership, organizational transformation, high-functioning team development, and fitness. With his arrival at WATCHTOWER, Ray is set to contribute his invaluable skills and experiences to the company's growth and success.

Will Kern

Chief Growth Officer

William Kern, the Chief Growth Officer at WATCHTOWER, is a performance-driven leader with a unique blend of military and private sector experience. As a Reconnaissance Marine, Team Leader, and Scout Sniper in the U.S. Marine Corps, he demonstrated critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. In the private sector, William excelled in building and managing effective teams and programs, delivering results as a Retail Buyer, Key Account Sales Specialist and Retail Sales Manager in the sporting goods industry. In his role at WATCHTOWER, he utilizes his strategic planning and relationship management skills to drive growth and success. With a strong work ethic and exceptional communication abilities, William brings a well-rounded perspective to the WATCHTOWER leadership team.

Board of Advisors

Lt. Col. Allen West (ret.)

Former Congressman

Jordan Davis

CEO, Volcon ePowersports

Mike Bush

Co-Founder, Vudoo Gun Works & Angled Spade Technologies

Major General Richard L.Simcock II (ret.)

Sheriff Greg Hamilton

Keith Webster